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ChatBotKit Node SDK

Welcome to the ChatBotKit Node SDK. This is a Node.js-based solution designed to simplify the process of building conversational AI chatbots. Utilize ChatBotKit to rapidly develop and deploy AI bots capable of natural language interactions.

Getting Started

Embark on creating your chatbot with ChatBotKit in a few easy steps:

  1. Installation: To integrate the SDK into your project, use npm:
    npm install @chatbotkit/sdk
  2. Implementation: Start using the SDK to build and manage your chatbot.

Example: Streaming in Edge and Serverless Environments

Below is a straightforward example demonstrating how to implement streaming with the SDK in both Edge and Serverless environments:

import { ConversationClient } from '@chatbotkit/sdk/conversation/index.js'

// Initialize the ConversationClient
const client = new ConversationClient({
/* configuration options */

// Stream messages using the ConversationClient
for await (const { type, data } of client
.complete(null, { model: 'gpt-4', messages })
.stream()) {
if (type === 'token') {

// Additional processing can be added here

Explore a detailed example with more advanced features here.


For an in-depth exploration of the ChatBotKit Node SDK, including insights into its capabilities and configurations for different environments, visit our type documentation page.


Encountered a bug or interested in contributing? Your participation is highly appreciated! Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request on our official GitHub repository.



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